Bayonetta Japanese Pre-Order Bonus – Rodin’s Selection (Original Soundtrack)


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Hello everyone. I’m Bayonetta concept designer Ikumi Nakamura.

I was wondering if you had heard about the Rodin’s Selection soundtrack you get with Bayonetta? What you didn’t know, and I am here to tell you about, is the strange set of circumstances that occurred as we set off to produce this bonus item.

Years ago… There was a phone. In front of me.

Hey. Ikumi. I’ve got a job for you.

Huh? Who is this!? No solicitors!!

I’m a bartender… In a wretched hive of
scum and villainy. I heard you got some
skills, and I want you to design my menu.
You gotta make it… Dangerous. And Hot.

*click* *beep beep beep*

And then phone call ended.

A few days later, I found myself in one of America’s grimiest cities. Searching around, I found a witch’s seal on the floor in front of me. I stood on it, then collapsed, as it felt as though my entire body was being dragged away.

That is when I realized where I was…


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Bayonetta Soundtrack On Sale!


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Hi everyone, Bayonetta composer Hiroshi Yamaguchi checking in.

Bayonetta was released in Japan last week! It was a moment that I was truly waiting for. Someone of you may have even finished everything the game has to offer, and I am truly excited to hear what you thought about the game. But the big news is that in 2 days, on November 4, Bayonetta’s soundtrack will also be released in Japan.


Here it is! It is an elegant design that I think is really, really cool.

It’s a huge soundtrack, spanning 5 discs, and it hold nothing back from the tracks we used in the game. We’ve even added a few bonus tracks to the mix. There are also 36 pages of liner notes featuring comments from Kamiya-san, Hashimoto-san, all the members involved in creating the Bayonetta soundtrack, commentary on all the tracks, lyrics, a special note from vocalist Helena Noguerra, art, etc. There is plenty to read there. I think you will find your enjoyment of the soundtrack vastly increased if you read the track commentaries while listening.

It is a soundtrack that will let you relive your memories of the game. Since it spans a full five discs, it is a bit expensive, but I really hope all of you give it a listen.

Also, I wanted to tell you about a bit of an “easter egg” regarding the in-game music, although I’m writing this in a way that won’t be a spoiler for those who haven’t completed the game. During some of the cutscenes during the game, if you press and hold LB or LT on the 360, L1 or L2 on the PS3, the stage music that comes after will…


Everyone try to find these spots! However, I recommend you do it on your second run through the game.

Well, this is my last entry here. Your comments and messages of support really gave me strength. Thank you all so much. It will probably be a while until we meet again, but until then I will be working as hard as I possibly can! Until next time!!

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The Music of Bayonetta – Vol. 2


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Hi everyone! Miss me? Composer Hiroshi Yamaguchi here.

I’m back to tell you all about the composers and artists who collaborated with us in creating the soundtrack for Bayonetta.

First of all, you may already have heard that the famed Norihiko Hibino, composer from the Metal Gear Solid series, worked with us on Bayonetta. He composed most of the music used in the cutscenes of the game. From the serious scenes to the ones that make you laugh, he matched our wonderful scenario with a great variety of tracks.

Another one of our collaborators is Rei Kondo, who worked with me on Okami. He worked primarily on stage and boss tracks within the game. If you are familiar with Okami, then you will recognize his work from the track entitled “The Rising Sun.” For Bayonetta, he has created a plentitude of melodies that will linger with you long after the song is over.

We also had help from the sound team at SEGA, specifically from Hiro. Even though he was incredibly busy, he took a special request from director Hideki Kamiya to work with us on the Bayonetta soundtrack. With his full-on band style, he really added a new element to the sounds of Bayonetta. What did he record for us? …That’s a secret for now, but you have something to look forward to!

Finally, we were privileged to work with Belgian born French chanteuse Helena Noguerra. She sang on two of Bayonetta’s signature tracks, one of which you have probably already heard in various trailers and gameplay videos. Her mature, feminine sense of glamour and a cute playfulness both coming through in her voice, she truly matched the vision we have of Bayonetta. I was able to meet her for recording, and Helena is as beautiful in person as her voice.

As you can see, we worked with a variety of talented creators. Of course, the PlatinumGames sound team is working hard on tracks as well! “Hiroshi”(That’s me.) and Masami “Uepon” Ueda are hard at work with the rest of the sound team are pouring all our energy into Bayonetta. We are taking the lead on the up-tempo battle tracks and the orchestral compositions.

There really aren’t very many productions where so many talented people work together. We all focused on Bayonetta, creating tracks brimming with personality brought about by our individual styles, all the while becoming inspired by each other’s work and thus pushing harder each and every day. I really hope you are all looking forward to the final result.

There is only a little bit of work left to do, but we hope to match all the expectations our fans have placed on us, and make sure that we give it our all to the very end. Thanks so much for all the support!

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