The Wonderful 101

As Wonder-Red, leader of the Wonderful 100, you must unite your band of Wonderful Ones to morph into powerful transformations such as a fist, sword, glider or gun to battle invaders throughout Blossom City and all of Earth. It’s up to you and your team of superheroes to take on colossal robots and alien masterminds bent on obliterating everything in their path.

-Unite your horde of heroes to morph into powerful weapons to crush the invaders or to synthesize into bridges, chains and other objects that help you make it through the world’s different environments.

-Clobber bad guys with deep and engaging combat. String together combos, dynamically switch between Unite Morphs, defend and evade alien attacks and rack up points to earn the best scores and rewards.

-Explore each stage to find helpless citizens and recruit them to join your army of heroes. The more heroes you gather, the more powerful your Unite Morphs will become.

-Fight alongside friends in five-player local co-op multiplayer. Each player controls a Wonderful One character and pummels enemies with a unique Unite Morph.

-At the in-game shop, you can spend the valuable O-Parts you earn fighting aliens to upgrade or buy entirely new Unite Morphs.

Interview with Saurian Dash (Part 2)


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Hello all, and welcome to Part 2 of our interview with Saur, renowned for his in-depth action game analysis and tutorials.

Read Part 1 of the interview here .

6. From your perspective, how have games changed over the years?
As someone who loves deep game systems and challenging tests for the skills developed within these systems, I am very disappointed with the treatment of skill-focused games recently. I grew up playing arcade games: smaller, skill-focused games which you played over a long period of time to hone your skills. These were games which I always used to play with other people. It was the melting pot effect of many different people all bringing different personalities, techniques, and skills to the table which enriched the games we enjoyed and the community and friendship we developed around those games.

These days, however, especially in the case of single-player games, many titles are treated almost like passive entertainment. The “personal experience” of the game’s narrative is placed above the quality of the core gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good narrative. I play role playing games quite often and love losing myself in the lore of such games. However, I am seeing that time and time again really brilliant skill-focused games are completely misrepresented and misunderstood because they are being judged on the quality of their narrative experience instead of the quality of their skill-focused mechanics and how much scope these mechanics allow for creative challenges and player self-improvement. These days you will often hear the phrase “This game is xx hours long”. The “value” of a game is quantified based on the total length of its narrative, not on the depth of the game’s mechanics or how long it holds the player’s attention as they strive to perfect their skills. This, I believe, is an attitude which is very damaging to the gaming medium as a whole. Games can be so much more than vehicles to tell stories.

I understand that professional game reviewers today have a very large number of games to review and cannot take the time to completely learn a particular game system, and at the same time it is also not reasonable for a studio to entrust the communication of a brand new set of game mechanics to the gaming press. But I would love to ask both parties to consider the implications of this situation: games which truly raise the bar in terms of play mechanics are suffering in reviews and in sales. What is the point of employing talented game designers to build new, original, and exciting game mechanics if the gaming press, and by extension the gaming public who trust in the press to provide them with information on new games, are not giving mechanically deep games an analysis which respects the purpose of these games?

I believe there are a significant number of players who want to be mentally stimulated by games which treat them with respect, and are brave enough to challenge themselves to the edge of their ability so that their eventual success is more meaningful. The whole point of these games is to learn how to play them well – it is this journey which makes them so satisfying to play and makes sharing ideas with other players so much fun. I would humbly ask that professional reviewers please consider trying to engage in this journey of discovery – if you need any help along the way I would love to provide it!


7. What do you feel is the most important aspect of an action game?
I believe the most important aspect of an action game is the way it respects and reflects the potential of the player. As such, I value a game system which allows the player to express their individual creativity and ingenuity. I love the idea of a game system which allows the player a great deal of freedom to develop their own unique style of play, then presents that player with a course designed outward from that core system to test the skills they have developed. I also believe the communication of hazards should be treated with the utmost care: the player should be able to develop a precise sense of the exact moment enemy attacks are triggered. To this end, clear audio/visual signposts are an absolute must. I especially love the idea of linking audio cues to the triggering of enemy attack signposts. With an audio cue in place, the player can know the exact moment an enemy attack is triggered, whether the attack is activated on or off-screen. I find I have the most fun when I achieve an acute sense of the precise amount I can push my attack before I need to take evasive action, and audio cues especially enable me to achieve that sense.

Of equal importance is to build an incentive into the game system to encourage the player to play well. Far too many games today have very simple game systems with no incentive whatsoever for the player to improve their competence within that system. The last thing I want to see after blundering through an enemy encounter is the equivalent of a perfect rank and praise for my valiant efforts! No, I want to be rewarded a genuine victory for learning how to overcome a challenge.

8. What do you look for in a sequel?
I find sequels most interesting when the game designers are allowed to iterate and evolve the systems they had previously designed, allowing the player to explore new ways to think about established concepts. With a new set of weapons, abilities, and enemies which have been designed outward from the newly evolved player system, a sequel can feel completely fresh and mentally stimulating.

9. Where will people be able to find your work in the future?
I am very surprised that so many people have found my work helpful! I have very little confidence in my ability, but I try my best because I love these games so much. Lately I have received a lot of support and encouragement from other players I have become acquainted with through mutual enjoyment of action games, and I would like to try and do my part to give something back to the gaming community. I want to really step up my video production, I want to cover more games more often, and finally learn how to work with a microphone for voiceovers. I have bought a camera, a decent microphone, audio interface and video capture equipment and everything I need to get started on this project. Please subscribe to and stay tuned as I will have brand new content to present soon!

10. Your tutorial videos for The Wonderful 101 are a helpful resource for many new people getting into the game. Do you have anything similar planned for Bayonetta 2?
Thank you very much, I’m glad that people found them helpful. Ultimately I would love to fully cover the system mechanics and enemy strategies of Bayonetta 2. Perhaps a Bayonetta retrospective would be interesting in the lead-up to the release of the game’s sequel? It would be very interesting to start playing the game again from scratch to rediscover the brilliance of the game system and help other players to get the most out of it!

Saur, thanks very much for taking the time for this interview. We’re looking forward to your next video!

Check out Saur’s YouTube channel here.

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Fan Roundup February, 2014


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At PlatinumGames we are thankful for our fans. You set aside your precious game time to write about our games, make high-quality videos, and create beautiful arts and crafts. We thought we would help spread these creations with regular Fan Roundup posts here on the official blog. Enjoy, and please keep that content coming!

We are sure 101 has been keeping your thumbs occupied, but if your feet are feeling a bit neglected, these wonder shoes should do the trick! Thank you Mairead Ralph.


When it comes to art on a more traditional canvas, our Japanese fans have got you covered. Here are some of our favorites (with many more on our official Facebook page!)


Japanese fans aren’t the only artists out there! Check out this creative character blend of Bayonetta and another femme fatal by PlagueOfGripes.

Take a look at this Wonder-Pendant. It may not be functional on a pseudo-digital sub-atomic particle level, but it will complement any outfit. Besides, fan “Bucha” who sent this in is already Wonder Talented.


Saur’s helpful tutorial series has videos for both newcomers to 101 and veterans hoping to take their game to a higher level. This video gives tips for attaining the coveted Pure Platinum rank.

In a three-part blog on Destructoid, Chimpomagee explores the way 101 uses subtle visual cues to introduce systems to the player. We couldn’t have explained it better ourselves!

Many fans have noticed the DNA 101 shares with past PG titles. Gabriel Turcott-Dube explains what he calls the “secret ingredients” of The Wonderful 101; a truly wondrous concoction.

Speaking of in-depth analyses, check out Matthew Matosis’s review of The Wonderful 101. The video offers a comprehensive look (and at 37 minutes we do mean comprehensive) at 101 while contextualizing it with comparisons to Director Kamiya’s past titles. His critique is fair; his attention to detail second to none. Truly a review for the thinking action game fan.

Have any PlatiumGames related content you would like to share? Please let us know.

Find us on Facebook, or tweet to @platinumgames

Thank you!

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W101 Blog Ep. 26: Tips & Tricks Part 2

The Wonderful 101

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Hey there, it’s Ichi!

So there I was, thinking it might be nice to write some tips & tricks for you, and before I knew it, I was staring at a wall of text of about 4000 words, so I decided to split the thing into 2 parts.
So without further ado, let us commence with Part 2, the sequel if you will, of our Tips & Tricks section.

Whether you’ve already finished the game or if you’re only just starting, these are all tips and tricks that are sure to make you want to replay the game, so make sure to check them out!

I’m sure you’ve all been in situations where you needed to cancel the Wonder-Liner, such as when you messed up when drawing the Wonder-Liner around something or when switching to a different Unite Morph, or when your hand slipped and hit the right stick or something (it happens!).
Normally, you’d press the Y button to restore the team’s formation, but there are some cases where carelessly pressing the Y button could actually put you in danger.


Both attacking and assembling will result in Unite Claw being dissolved. What is the team of superheroes to do!?

For instance when you’re climbing a wall with Unite Claw. Pressing the Y button will dissolve the Unite Morph, causing everyone to fall.
Or when you have a Unite Hand bathed in flames, or a Unite Sword sizzling with electricity. These special effects will be lost as well when you dissolve the Unite Morph.

If you want to cancel the Wonder-Liner without dissolving a Unite Morph, just keep calm, don’t panic, and press the left stick button. This will allow you to quickly gather all members in your team.

- Keep ‘em Comboing
Unite Hand can be set aflame by catching fire attacks or by touching torches.
A burning Unite Hand isn’t just capable of setting fire to enemies, it can also shoot fireballs to attack enemies from a distance!


Everything is more awesome when it’s on fire!

What you might not know, however, is that it’s possible to gain this fire element in places where there are no flames. Try to rack up the combo multiplier to 2.5 by continuously attacking the enemy. This will cause the true power of Unite Hand to awaken, creating a flame effect.


Unite Hand goes up in flames when the combo multiplier reaches 2.5

The same thing goes for Unite Sword. If the combo multiplier reaches 2.5, Unite Sword will be covered in a coating of dazzling electricity.


Unite Sword gets electrified when the combo multiplier reaches 2.5

The electricity effect causes enemies to be paralyzed for a short while.
Once you’ve become more proficient at the game and learn how to pull off powerful combos, these element attacks are something you should definitely keep in mind.

- Shooting for Style
As you progress in the game, you will reach a shooting stage that uses an isometric point of view.
The enemies don’t mess around here, so I’m guessing a lot of players might have trouble with this particular stage if they’re trying to get the Platinum Trophy.


You can use a variety of Unite Morphs in this stage, but did you notice that it’s also possible to use Unite Guts by pressing the ZL button?


The answer to bullet hell, like so many things, is pudding.

Believe it or not, but Unite Guts actually allows you to absorb enemy bullets. Enemy bullets can also be extinguished by using Unite Bomb, but absorbing them actually extends you the tremendous service of filling your Unite Gauge. This shooting stage doesn’t require a lot of Unite Gauge though, so smart players might want to equip the “Energy Converter” Custom Block and see what happens…

But if you want to gain a high score, you’ll need to do more than just avoid being shot down. You’ll have to find a way of earning combo points somehow.
But you’re in luck, because I have just the easy “get combo points quick” scheme you require!


There are passages where giant weights come crashing down repeatedly.
Normally, you’d just wait for the right moment to slip through, but in fact, the Unite Hammer and its ability to “stop heavy things coming in from above” come in very handy here.


Stopping the weights will earn you points. We’ve made this too easy for you, really.

The falling weights will not only be reflected, but you will earn bonus points to boot.
Up to this point, the game had been about desperately avoiding the weights, but now you’ll want to position yourself right under there to bounce those weights back and rack up some serious points!

When your vessel changes direction, exhaust flames will come out of its thrusters.
If you keep waggling the left stick, you can keep a fairly constant stream of flames going, and the nice thing about this is that they actually pack quite a punch.


Try hitting enemies that come up from behind. You can destroy them easily AND look cool at the same time.

It takes a little bit of practice to actually hit anything, but if you do manage to pull it off, it will make you look like a boss like nobody’s business.

- The Commander is Watching
If, while playing the game, your mom decides that she wants to talk to you, or if you suddenly have to go to the toilet, opening the Status Screen with the + button is a good and easy way of dealing with the situation, but did you know that the game can be paused by pressing the + button and the – button at the same time?


It has the same effect in that it momentarily freezes the action, but pausing the game via the latter method does not involve the screen changing. Instead, you can just see the action still frozen in the background.
The advantage of this is that it tells you exactly what you were doing when you start playing again, so if you need to pause the game during battle, I recommend you press the + and – button simultaneously.

“Get back here this instant! The world depends on you!” – Commander Nelson


There’s no escaping the all-seeing eye of Commander Nelson.
His comment is different for every single stage, so fans of the good Commander might want to pause the game even if there’s no good reason, just to see what he has to say.

- See-Through Masks
During dialogue cutscenes, the character that is speaking is displayed on the screen along with a speech bubble that shows what they are saying.

Pink Pink without Mask

Top: Regular version, Bottom: Use the ZR button to make the mask transparent.

If you press the ZR button during these dialogues, the mask of the character will become transparent, allowing you to see the expressions of their eyes.
Haven’t you ever wondered what these characters really look like underneath their masks? Even if you’ve seen particular cutscenes lots of times already, watching them again with transparent masks will make them feel fresh and… uh… less masky.

You can also hide the speech bubbles by holding down the L button, and you can hide both the speech bubbles and the character by holding down the R button.

Pink without Text Pink without Pink

Top: Hide the speech bubble with the L button, Bottom: Hide the speech bubble and the character with the R button

This is a nice feature if you want to see what’s hiding behind those speech bubbles.

- Skipping the Skipping Process
If you’re playing the game for the umpteenth time, you might get slightly annoyed by having to press the + button and selecting whether you want to skip a cutscene or not. If that is the case, try pressing the + button and the ZL button at the same time. This will allow you to skip the “Skip this cutscene?” prompt.

- Failure Can Be Fun
Throughout the game, there are QTEs where you are called upon by a Wonderful One to create a Unite Morph.

Unite Gun QTE ng

They aren’t terribly hard to pull off and you get a relatively good amount of time as well, so there probably aren’t a whole lot of players who keep failing over and over again.
Which is a bit of a pity, since we’ve actually gone to great lengths to create entertaining failure scenes. If you don’t feel comfortable making your poor heroes fail on purpose, just save the world once… and then make everything go wrong on a second playthrough! You might see some unexpected sides to the characters you’ve come to know and love.

ProjectK 2013-08-02 18-34-33-69

There’s even a QTE that you have to fail 10 times before anything happens…

- The Secret of the Sound Gallery
By now, I’m sure you’re all completely smitten with that wondrous theme song “The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100.”
You can listen to this song until tiny heroes start falling out of your ears in the Sound Gallery that is unlocked after completing the game, but did you know there’s a way of removing the vocals and listening to the instrumental version?


To do so, you only have to press the right stick button while the song is playing. Press it once to have the vocals fade out. Press it a second time to have them fade in again.
This works for both the Japanese and the English version of the song. You can also check the lyrics on the GamePad screen, so there’s nothing stopping you from singing along at the top of your voice (except for your neighbors perhaps).

Also, and this isn’t mentioned on the screen, you can pause/unpause the music by pressing the X button at any point during the track. This is perfect for those moments when you’re enjoying a long track and you get a phone call or a sudden craving for donuts.

And that’s it for today, boys and girls!
Across two separate posts, I’ve introduced some of the tips & tricks I could think of off the top of my head, but I have the feeling that there are still a lot of hidden goodies in the game that I forgot to mention… In fact, I’m quite sure about it.

At the risk of sounding like a strategy guide from the 80s: “You’ll just have to find out for yourself!”

If you’ve finished the game many times already, if you’re right in the middle the story, or even if you’re about to plunge into the battle with GEATHJERK for the first time, I hope this blog post has managed to tickle your desire for adventure a bit.

Until next time!

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W101 Blog Ep. 25: Tips & Tricks

The Wonderful 101

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Hello everyone, it’s Ichi!

The Wonderful 101 has been out in Japan and Europe for a while now and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our fans. Thanks, everyone!
And now the game’s finally out in the US too! Yay! We’re looking forward to hearing what our American friends think of the game as well.
And even though it’s been more than 3 weeks since The Wonderful 101 first saw the light of day, we feel pretty confident in saying that probably extremely few people have been able to uncover every single secret so far.
Now that the game is out everywhere, there’s surely going to be an arms race over who can 100% the game first, so you might want to prepare a sleeping bag and a bunch of midnight snacks, because this game boasts more content than you can shake a Wonder-Liner at! (seriously)

For those of you who are just aching to explore every nook and cranny of The Wonderful 101, I have a special blog post today that introduces a lot of tips & tricks that cannot be found in previous blog posts or in the electronic manual.

The list starts off with all of the tips that are most useful when trying to get the most out of the experience, so even those who think they’ve already dominated the game can jump right in and I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll make you want to go back and see if you can improve your performance. So let’s get going!

- The High-Speed Wonder-Liner
Good news for people who like to use the right stick to control the Wonder-Liner!


If you hold down the L button while pushing the right stick, the Wonder-Liner will move slightly faster than normal.
This is a small trick that you can use right from the start of the game, and if you buy the Speed Liner skill, the liner will move even faster! This might be a little bit too much for novice players, but more experienced players may find an entirely new dimension of gameplay here.

- Make Clever Use of the Dash!
Dashing is very useful when moving through stages and dodging attacks during battle, so you’ll be doing it a lot. I’m sure that a lot of you are probably holding down the Y button while dashing, so you might be surprised to find out that the leader will actually keep on running even if you immediately let go of the Y button after pushing it.


You’ll keep dashing even after letting go of the Y button.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with holding down the Y button the whole time, but in some occasions this might cause some inconvenience.


For instance, when you’re trying to aim for a Climb Attack.
If you’re trying to avoid enemy attacks by dashing while at the same time sending out team members for a Climb Attack, pressing the Y button would only result in the members that are climbing the enemy returning to the leader.
(If you hear a whistle, this means the leader is signaling everyone to assemble)

If you want to have the leader dash without interrupting the Climb Attack, just quickly tap the Y button while moving and immediately let go again.


“Alright, guys, it’s up to you now!” Dashing while sending out buddies for a Climb Attack

If you use this method to dash, only the team members who have nothing on their hands at that moment will follow the leader.
However, the group will not be as tightly packed together as when you hold down the Y button, so all members apart from the leader might be more susceptible to enemy attacks.


If you hold down the Y button, the party will dash in a more compact formation

On the other hand, if you hold down the Y button, all team members will huddle up around the leader, meaning they are not as likely to be hit by enemy attacks. Even better, as long as you hold down the Y button, your team members will actually dodge enemy attacks automatically! Do take note that they will stop attacking automatically at this point though.
This means you’ll only have to worry about controlling the leader and making sure he or she does not get hit. It does have the disadvantage of Climb Attacks being interrupted, but this movement method is much more suited for avoiding attacks.

The choice is yours: do you let go of the Y button instantly to focus on Climb Attacks, or do you hold down the button to play more evasively? The way you use the dashing function actually adds a new layer to the combat!

- Locking On & High-Speed Homing
As you know, Team Attacks let you hurl your team members at enemies in order to climb them. But this offensive strategy has another function outside of setting up a Climb Attack.

teamattack circle

When a Team Attack hits an enemy, a bright ring appears.
This ring indicates that you are “locking on” to the enemy and that, if you whip out a Unite Attack, it will automatically home in towards enemy.

rising1 rising2

Even skills like Wonderful Rising can hit from a distance.

Pick off the enemy from a distance with long-range Unite Morphs, or use a melee-oriented Unite Morph to instantly move in for a beating.
Even if the enemies are not within reach, it’s possible to defeat one after another at a very high pace without having to walk around, as long as you perform a Team Attack first and then dish out a Unite Attack. This should be a great help in reducing your completion time.
This high-speed homing effect also works on airborne enemies, so if you make good use of it, you might just be able to rack up some crazy air combos…?

- The Right Stick Controls the Cave Camera
There are certain narrow places in the game, such as warehouses and caves, where the action switches to the GamePad when you enter. These places use the gyro sensor of the Wii U GamePad, allowing the player to look around the area by moving the pad around.


However, there are probably a lot of you who play the game while lying down or while maintaining some other state of relaxation that could make it difficult to swing the GamePad around too much. Or indeed, there may be some of you who cannot be bothered with all this new-fangled gyro mumbo jumbo in the first place.
So to the lazier/get-off-my-lawn type of gamer, I would like to say the following: try holding down the R button once the action switches to the GamePad. This will allow you to switch off the gyro sensor camera control temporarily.

Even in this state, the camera automatically adjusts itself to the direction the characters are moving in, so you don’t have to worry too much about it, but it is also possible to use the right stick to move the camera horizontally and vertically, so you should try this out as well. (If you want to draw the Wonder-Liner inside a cave, don’t forget to let go of the R button!)

- The Secret to Taunting
Has it ever happened to you that the leader of the team shouted out something like “We WILL use force!” or “Let’s rock, dudes and dudettes!” out of nowhere?
The existence of the “Taunt” has already been hinted at, but the time has come to reveal all.


Successfully pulling off a taunt creates a sparkly effect around the leader. Fabulous!

You can perform a taunt by standing still near an enemy during battle, facing the enemy, and holding down the left stick button or holding down the X button and A button simultaneously.
Be careful though, because jumping, dashing or attacking right after taunting will cause the effect to be canceled.


Nothing like a one-liner to get people riled up!

Taunting has 2 effects:
– Your heroes’ attack power will go up.
Be aware that performing a taunt will not actually enrage the enemy.
The point is more to show off as a hero and to raise your party’s morale.

- By tapping the Y button, you will be able to activate “Unite Camp.”
Under normal circumstances, Unite Camp is activated by holding down the Y button.
However, it can be activated more quickly by tapping the Y button after taunting. Activating Unite Camp will completely refill your Unite Gauge, so clever use of this trick is tremendously useful in battle!

- Beware the Giant Whip
Let’s talk about those spike-armored pains-in-the-rear, the Gedie Dough-Goo.
I’m sure a lot of you think that beating them is a time-consuming and risky business, what with all the whipping and the peeling and then some more of the whipping and the peeling.


It’s almost like some bizarre ritual dance.

It helps to know then, that when a Gedie Dough-Goo is staggering, you can peel off several parts at once by creating as large a Unite Whip as possible.
If the Unite Whip is large enough, you can take off a huge chunk of the Gedie Dough-Goo’s armor, and it’s even possible to completely strip him naked in only two staggers.


I hear spiky armor parts fetch a nice penny at the local pawn shop.

Did you know that the moment the Gedie Dough-Goo starts spinning is actually your best chance? Many players might be inclined to run away to avoid being hit, but hitting the Gedie Dough-Goo with a Unite Whip while its spinning actually makes it easier to stagger.


This looks like a tight situation, but it’s actually a blessing in disguise. WHIP IT!

Get a nice, large party together and witness the devastating force of Unite Whip! If you’re not very good at drawing large shapes in the heat of battle, you should purchase the Unite Charge Custom Block.

- The Mysterious Mystery Circles
When you defeat an enemy, they very occasionally drop GEATHJERK weaponry.
They all have a limited number of uses, but they more than make up for it in terms of devastating force.


These weapons can be obtained, if you’re lucky. But there might just be a way of stealing them purposely…


The hint lies in the moment the enemies appear.
Pay close attention. You might discover some kind of pattern.


While carrying an enemy weapon, its weight will greatly decrease your movement speed. If this is more trouble than it’s worth, quickly shake the left stick left and right to drop the weapon on the spot.

“No way, I wanna use this on the next enemy that appears!” you might say. In that case you should use Unite Ball, which lets you move around at high speed while keeping the weapon in your possession.

- Suspicious Figures Appearing during Wonderful Missions
You can play Wonderful Missions together with your friends and family.
Once you’ve fulfilled “certain conditions” some new figures might appear…!?


They only appear during the first mission of each stage.
If you have an idea of what these “certain conditions” may be, try scouting around the stage carefully.

But I could sit here telling you about the plethora of secrets hidden away in The Wonderful 101 until the Wonder-Cows come home (UNITE MOO!), so I’ll stop here for today, since this post is getting long enough as it is.


The fun doesn’t stop here. There are still many tips & tricks I haven’t told you about!
So instead of just throwing them all your way at once, I’ve decided to split them into 2 separate posts.

So the list continues next time, with many more bits of knowledge, ranging from the “this is cool to know!” to the “what the heck am I supposed to do with that!?”

Stay tuned everyone!

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W101 Blog Ep. 24: Wonderful Missions! Fun with Friends and Family!

The Wonderful 101

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Hey there, it’s Ichi.
Just a few more days left until the North American release of The Wonderful 101! I’m sure everyone in the US is itching to punch some GEATHJERK in the face, and the time is almost upon us!
In the meanwhile, European players may already have vanquished the alien threat and seen the ending of the game.

Some of you may even have started a second playthrough on a higher difficulty already. Or perhaps you’re backtracking through stages to find any items or team members you might have missed?
Whichever is the case, it should be clear that this game has a crazy amount of content and you won’t be fully completing it that quickly. However, sometimes you might just want to take a break from your single player adventures and “Unite Up!” with friends and family.

So for today, let’s have a look at the “Wonderful Missions,” a co-op mode that allows up to 5 players to play together.

If you’re going to play the Wonderful Missions, you’re obviously going to need enough controllers for everyone. The person using the standard Wii U GamePad will be player 1, so if you’re going to play with 5 players, you’ll need to get controllers for 4 more people.

Be aware, however, that this game cannot be played with the Wii Remote alone. You’ll need a Wii U Pro Controller or a Wii Remote + Classic Controller Pro combo.


The game controls more smoothly with a Classic Controller Pro than you might think. We highly recommend it!


Wonderful Missions exist separately from Story Mode on the title screen. They contain stages that were specially designed for co-op play, and the point is to defeat the hordes of GEATHJERK as quickly and wonderfully as you can.

You can support your friends if they’re not very good at action games, or you can aim for spectacular combinations to rack up amazing scores.


This is where you select Wonderful Missions. It’s also a good place to take a breather.

If you select Wonderful Missions, you’ll be brought to the arena pictured above.
This is also the place where your friends will be able to join in or drop out.
Once all players have gathered together, you can start the challenge.

There are separate stages for each of the 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard, so pick the one you like and enter the portal!

Mission Select

Brave heroes can even face the challenges alone.

Once the stage starts, enemies will swarm you instantly. Cooperate with your buddies to destroy them.
Each team starts with a total of 50 members distributed equally.
In other words, if you play alone, player 1 gets all 50 members. If you play with 5 people, each player will start with a team of 10 members.


Basic combat works the same as in the main game, but there are some new rules.
For instance…

- The Vitality Gauge is shared by all players.
A true hero never lets his buddies get in trouble.

- You get unlimited use of the Unite Gauge.
Let loose a flurry of Unite Attacks on your opponents.

- Hand, Sword, Gun, Whip, Hammer, Claw, Bomb; all Unite Morphs are available from the beginning.
Everyone should pick the weapon they like best.

- Any skills and Unite Morphs you obtained at the Wonderful Mart in the main game can be used here.
Try the missions after getting stronger and you might get an even higher score!?
However, Custom Blocks have no effect.

- Drawing the Wonder-Liner will not slow down time.
Heroes should work together to create an opening for quickly drawing symbols.

- Items obtained during the stage can only be used by the player in possession of the Wii U GamePad (player 1).

“Ugh, there’s too many of them! Requesting the launch of a Fire Victory Torpedo!”
“Negative! Torpedoes fully depleted! Vitality Gauge dangerously low!”
“Then eat that bowl of noodles we picked up before!”

If you want a certain item to be used, don’t hesitate to let your fellow players know. It’ll be fun to shout at each other!


Phew… we managed to get through this somehow…

Once all enemies have been defeated, each player’s mission results will be displayed.
The number of combo points affects the rank of each player, but it does not influence the evaluation of the mission itself. It’s the O-parts you pick up during the mission that have a major impact on the mission evaluation, so if you’re going for a high score, make sure to leave no cash uncollected.

Contrary to the main game, there is no O-parts bonus for racking up combo points, so the important thing is to keep defeating enemies at a steady pace.


You can even find money by hitting certain spots!?

And then there’s Bonus Time.


Yahoo! Money! Items! And, uh, citizens!

Just look at all that money spawning everywhere!
But it’s not just about moolah, the citizens have come running to your support too, so making an active effort to recruit them is a wise course of action as well. They provide some much-needed power, so they’re bound to lead to internal strife amongst players.

The length of Bonus Time depends on the results of the preceding mission. This means that diligent heroes will be rewarded with due riches, just like in real life…?


Party’s over! The next mission is already waiting.

Each stage is made up of 3 missions.
Use the 2 Bonus Time periods in between to create as big a party as you can.
Keep in mind though that there is a limit to how many members you can drag around. Once the total number of members reaches 150, you won’t be able to recruit new members anymore.

In other words: first come, first served. So does this mean that players that lose in the battle for recruiting troops will have to fight with a tiny party until the very end!?

The answer is ‘no.’


What’s this? Some downed members up for grabs?

That’s right, there’s a rule that states that “heroes that have been downed by an enemy attack can be recruited into anyone’s team.”


Work that Wonder-Liner magic. Don’t look at it as stealing; it’s more like borrowing indefinitely.

When collecting heroes from someone else’s team, you don’t have your leader touch them, but you draw a circle around them with the Wonder-Liner.


Yoink! I mean, uh, rescue mission successful!

Pretty sweet, no?
This allows you to quickly regenerate scattered heroes, even when one of your buddies is in danger. When you have more members on your team, your Unite Morphs will be bigger and you’ll even be able to use Multi Unite Morphs. Surely that’s enough incentive to turn even the Dalai Lama into a thieving scoundrel.

Or so you’d think…

snatch1 snatch2

Just when you least expect it, someone you trusted Unite Gutses you in the back…

What is this madness!?

In the blink of an eye, your buddy (that jerk holding the controller next to you!) uses Unite Guts to repel the attacks of his own teammate!

snatch3 snatch4

And of course that means heroes scattering everywhere.

snatch5 snatch6

And then all of them were stolen. It all happened so fast, officer!

There are more ways of having fun with the game than just playing fair.

But of course you’re all smart enough to cooperate with your fellow heroes to protect earth from the GEATHJERK scum, right? You would never start a mudslinging contest with your friends in the face of an alien invasion, would you? WOULD YOU?


I need to go find some new friends.

Once you’ve battled your way through all 3 stages, you will get to see the overall results. At this point all should be forgiven, and you should just praise each other’s hard work.

A portion of the money (O-parts) you earn here is transferred to the main game as well.
Wonderful Missions don’t consume a lot of time, so they’re good for making a quick buck in between story missions, for practicing combos or just for taking your mind off things.
And of course they’re a source of great fun if you compete with your friends to get the highest score.

Don’t forget to post your results on Miiverse! (*Click here for more information on Miiverse!)
Everyone’s aching to see how you’re doing.

Until next time!

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W101 Blog Ep. 23: Bottle-Caps!

The Wonderful 101

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Hey, it’s Ichi!

It’s been some days since the European and Japanese releases of the game, so how’s everyone faring with The Wonderful 101 so far?

Since the game allows you to “revive on the spot” when you go Game Over, anyone should be able to complete the game as long as you keep selecting Continue. On the other hand, if you just want to blast through the stages kicking GEATHJERK behind left and right without worry, you can always switch to Easy or Very Easy along the way.
There’s no shame in playing through Easy to earn loads of O-parts and buy lots of items, before you start challenging Normal mode!

If you just keep replaying the same stages, you’ll get the hang of combat before long, and you’ll find out quick and easy ways of earning O-parts. You’ll probably even find hidden items that you hadn’t noticed before, and your team members will be leveling up all the while as well, so there’s a lot of merit to replaying stages you’ve already cleared.

This is just my sly way of segueing into today’s topic: replayability!

If you’ve spent some time with the game, you might have obtained one of these little trinkets at some point:


Somewhere out there, there’s a bottle feeling cold and lonely right now.

You got a “Bottle-Cap!”

There is a large variety of Bottle-Caps, each of which is unlocked through specific conditions.
Some of them are relatively easy to earn, others can only be acquired by the most indomitable warriors… And there’s a whopping 100 of them!

You can check the Bottle-Caps you collected any time you want by going to “Bottle-Cap Collection” on the Status screen.

ProjectK 2013-08-28 11-38-55-63 50 members

This is just a small part of the entire collection. The ones that are flipped over are the ones you haven’t earned yet.

The ones that are flipped over contain hints as to how to obtain them.
Keep these hints in mind when replaying stages, and you might find yourself playing the game in completely new ways. In fact, you might just forget about advancing in the story altogether…

Kaboing 21

Pudding. Is there anything it can’t do?

nice try evade_bonus

There’s an evade bonus!? Of course there is!

batting a thousand bat

Some words are covered up to keep things interesting. You’ll just have to experiment!

Apparently, there are also Bottle-Caps that are tied in to the bonus items that are hidden in each stage.

geathjerk file ProjectK 2013-08-28 12-29-42-33

Figure Wonder-Gamer

Files containing interesting information, and figurines that are just fun to look at.

So, what do you think?
Once you’ve got all of these colorful little caps unlocked, it’s truly a sight to behold.
There’s no need to be obsessive about these items when you first start playing, but they’re definitely something to look out for on later playthroughs, since they’ll add a fresh and rewarding new challenge. Try to build up as big a Bottle-Cap collection as you can!

And once you’ve found enough of them, you may just get something nice…

Oh and if you’re thinking “why the heck would anyone want to collect bottle-caps!?” well, you know, some people collect bottle-caps, others collect marbles, or stamps, or… you know, just… go ask your parents, okay!?

See you again!

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W101 Blog Ep. 22: Shenanigans! The GEATHJERK Officers

The Wonderful 101

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The story so far:
The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada is about to set foot on planet Earth with an army of unprecedented size. There is no time to lose. The heroes are already waiting for your arrival in Blossom City. Now is the time to unite up! Wonderful One-Oh-One!

Hey, it’s Ichi!
“The Wonderful 101” has finally been released in Japan and Europe! Did you pick up a copy yet!?
Now that some people have already managed to get their hands on the game, we’ll be looking at some of the bosses that will be making your life miserable along the way.
We introduced some foes to watch out for before, but this time we’re focusing on actual bosses. You’ll have to defeat them all in order to reach your goal.


GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada Officer, Sixth Class
(Japanese voice: Yasuhiko Kawazu, English voice: Bob Joles)

Particularly twisted even by GEATHJERK standards, Laambo has left a trail of atrocity across the galaxy.

As a soldier of the savage Golokey tribe from planet Doquuzu, Laambo possesses an extremely violent, war-loving nature. Fond of invasion tactics, he will give orders from the front lines, often happily joining the fray himself.

His weapon is a psycho-sword formed from his fighting spirit, called the Dechno-Bo. Having tamed the violent space monster Diekuu Ohrowchee of the Joolar solar system, he storms about the galaxy as if he has already conquered every system, near and far.


Laambo was involved in the invasion war 20 years ago as well. However, after a long and arduous battle, the Gaia Defense Army and CENTINELS managed to repel the GEATHJERK forces.
He bears a deep grudge against the Wonderful One-Double-Oh, who are looking poised to fend off the invaders of this generation as well.

208 209

Laambo has even tamed and weaponized a space monster! He has elevated destruction into an art form and perfected it.
He’s doesn’t quite possess a petite physique himself either, and he brandishes an impressive blade that even matches Unite Sword! What can our heroes do to stand up to him!?


GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada Officer, Fifth Class
(Japanese voice: Shinya Hamazoe, English voice: Steve Blum)

This GEATHJERK scientist leads his own military unit and is a prominent figure in weapons development. Wanna possess great intelligence, and comes from an extremely ill-tempered race, making him unequalled in the ability to construct the most gruesome and torturous of weapons.
Even after losing his home planet through extensive weapons testing, his urge for experimentation remained unsated, and he joined GEATHJERK as a means to find more weapons test sites on other planets.

Though bearing a small frame and little physical strength, he is a sly strategist, specializing in ensnaring his opponent in traps. He prefers to toy with them before delivering the final blow, one of the most distasteful parts of his insidious personality.

Wanna crashes Wanna

Even within the fiendish GEATHJERK army, Wanna has an especially vicious and malicious personality. Being the conniving little schemer that he is, getting closer to him will more than likely involve passing through various traps and obstacles, since Wanna doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. Approach this one with extreme care.


GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada Officer, Fourth Class
(Japanese voice: Marika Hayashi, English voice: Paula Tiso)

Originally from an aquatic race on the water-covered planet Ewwmee, this GEATHJERK femme fatale is unchallenged in her supremacy at underwater operations. The only female of the six GEATHJERK officers, her alluring figure is a weapon itself, capable of driving enemies to madness like the sirens of ancient myth.

Unusually vain, and terribly concerned about all things relating to beauty, she has a strong aversion to all other women, and detests anything unclean, or unsightly. Along with her obsession with beauty, she has traveled the galaxy in search of an aquatic environment suiting her liking. Having set her eyes on Earth, and its 70% water-filled environment, she intends to make it her own.

Vijounne Vijounne Taunt

Vijounne, the only female officer of GEATHJERK. Judging from her predilection for taunting Red and Blue, it seems she prefers to toy around with her enemies while fighting them. Once you fall for her wily tricks, you will never regain the initiative.
Someone among the Wonderful One-Double-Oh might even be connected to her in some way…?

The GEATHJERK army has more officers than we’ve shown you here today.
Since they’re a bunch of evil and twisted misfits, each and every one of them is likely to employ various back-handed techniques to bring down the Wonderful One-Double-Oh and, by extension, Earth.
It is imperative that you see through their traps, find their weak spots and crush them with your iron fist of Justice.

The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada has already found its way to planet Earth and into the homes of those who bought the game.

Let this momentous day remain etched into everyone’s memories as the prologue to “the battle in which mankind vanquished GEATHJERK forever!” There’s nothing that would do us more proud. We hope you have fun with the game!

For about a month, we’ve been updating this blog every single day. It hasn’t been that long, but we thank you for tuning in. (Sorry that I was rambling most of the time)
Don’t get me wrong, though! This is not the end of the updates. It’s just that, from here on out, updates will be slightly “less regular.”

See you again soon!

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The Wonderful 101 Is Out In Japan And Europe!

The Wonderful 101

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Hello, is everyone doing well? It’s Hideki Kamiya, the director of The Wonderful One-Oh-One. The game’s name might get a little long to write over and over so let’s just shorten it to “101” here…

As of now, Wonderful 101 has been released in Europe and Japan. It’s Saturday! If you’ve got the day off, I wonder if you’re heading off to the store right now. Or maybe you’ve already reserved a purchase online? Or you’re just going to download it?

As much as I’d love to sneak into a game store and take a peek at how the game’s doing, I’ve got to be in Akihabara’s Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo for a special release event. And even as I write this, I’m hanging out in Germany for Gamescom, one of the three largest gaming conventions in the world. After Germany there’s PAX in Seattle, then a good number of other 101 events that are probably going to keep me busy for awhile. The trip’s really been great so far. I’m happy to be able to meet so many of my fans in person.


You’re always a little nervous when presenting something you’ve worked on for years to the entire world, but 101 is a game with such unique gameplay and atmosphere, I’ve got to say I’m even a little more anxious than usual.

At first it looks complicated, then you try it out and realize it’s not so bad, then you think you’ve got the hang of it and you realize the gameplay was a lot deeper than you originally assumed… the more you play 101 the more I think you’ll understand yourself, that’s the kind of game it is. To anyone who buys the game, I want them to first take their time and figure out the feel of the game, then go about the game in a style that best suits them. The first playthrough should be approached with a lot of flexibility and trial and error. Within time I’m sure you’ll start to get the controls, and experience what 101 is really about.

If you’re here now, and have been keeping up with the blog, I’m sure there’s something about this new, mysterious title that’s caught your interest in some way. I hope that you’ll be able to trust that curiosity and try 101 out, and that the result will be getting just as much fun out of it as you wanted.

And for all of our fans in North America right now… I know there’s still a little more wait until the release over there. Sorry! If you feel like you can’t wait any longer, check out the response from people in Europe and Japan, or if you don’t want any spoilers, maybe turn your computer off for a few weeks… but please, look forward to the release.

Anyway, I’ll stop here before this gets too long. Everyone, enjoy the game!

-Hideki KamiyaJPpkge


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W101 Blog Ep. 21: Be tough! Level up!

The Wonderful 101

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The story so far:

After the sudden invasion of the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada, the CENTINELS began to develop a counter-strategy to protect their Earth. Their leader is Commander Laurence Nelson, a war hero who aided the fight during the previous invasion 20 years past. Also among their numbers is Professor Shirogane, the livelier-than-ever, dirt-old genius who created the CENTINEL-Suits and continuously devotes tireless effort to find other means of fending off our invaders. March on, Wonderful One-Double-Oh! Your release date in Europe is today!

Hey, it’s Ichi.

Hope you’ve given enough thought about how you’re going to save the Earth because we the game hits stores in Europe today! Remember that you’ve got some options available: the game comes out in stores and you can buy a copy online, but you can download the game too.

Another something worth mentioning… this is just for anyone planning to buy the game in Europe, but Nintendo of Europe is doing a special campaign where you can get a 30% discount on the game by downloading it from the Nintendo eShop from its release date until September 21st!

There are a few requirements you have to keep in mind there, but it’s a pretty sweet deal that’s definitely worth checking out.

All right, now that we’ve made that little digression, let’s return to our  tales of those eccentric wonderful ones.

First of all. If you’ve tried out the demo at all, have you ever come across this screen?

ProjectK 2013-08-23 10-21-07-31

Whoa! New skill!!

A new skill for our Unite Morphs? Looks pretty cool.

Half movement-based, half offense-based, and totally wonderful.


← → + A

(Do the Left Stick input in reverse to go slinging in the opposite direction)

Wonderful Stinger is a skill that uses the Left Stick and the attack button to attack faraway enemies by charging at them in a straight line. It’s a speedy maneuver, so mastering it will help you clear the battlefield a lot faster.

Besides Stinger, there’s also Wonderful Rising, a skill that blasts enemies up in the air, making them vulnerable for an aerial combo, and Wonderful Cyclone, a crazy spinning move that attacks all enemies circled around you. Whenever you end up learning a new skill, be sure to check it out under Skills on the Status screen.

Send the enemy sky-high!


Press A quickly after pressing B

Knock all nearby enemies out of the ring!


Left Stick Full Circle + A

These skills have slight (or significant) variations depending on the Unite Morph, and you’ll need to level up each weapon separately to be able to use the skills applicable for it (you’ll need to learn Wonderful Stinger for Unite Hand by leveling up Unite Hand, and the Wonderful Stinger for Unite Sword by leveling up Unite Sword).

Yep, in this game all of your units have levels. The more you use the Unite Morphs of one member, the more experience that member gains.

But of course the Wonderful One-Double-Oh were made to fight as a team. Abusing just a few completely overpowered members won’t work in the long run. There are some skills that can only be acquired by getting the average of all Unite Hand users to a certain level.

And don’t just find one Unite Morph you like and only level up that one. Even if you balance levels of all the Unite Hand members, you’ll end up with a whole lot of Unite Hand skills and nothing else.



It’s important to keep the average level of the entire team high.

Raising the team’s average level to certain points will result in an increased maximum Vitality Gauge. We know you want that.


Level up and watch that Vitality Gauge go!

Then, there are those Custom Blocks we touched on back when we were talking about the Wonderful Mart. The number of Custom Blocks slots you have at your disposal also depends on the average level of your team. Custom Blocks are powerful accessories that can really turn the tide of battle, so more is definitely better in this case.


Leveling up your team will also level up the Shirogane Drive, giving you more Custom Block slots.

Now that you’re starting to understand how important leveling your team is, let’s look at how to check where they’re at. Press up on the Wii U GamePad’s D-pad.


You can check each unit’s level in the Leader Select menu.

In this menu, you can check your members’ levels, and switch your current player character.

Another thing you can do here is assign which member will be in charge of their respective Unite Morphs.


The members currently assigned to each Unite Morph are displayed at the bottom.

For example: if you set Wonder-Gamer to Unite Sword, the next time you draw a straight line and press A, you won’t get Wonder-Blue, you’ll get Wonder-Gamer. Then you can focus your leveling on him.


Wonder-Gamer! I… choose you?

When you attack an enemy with a Unite Morph, all the members associated with that Unite Morph will gain experience. However, the current leader will receive more experience than the other members, so keep that in mind when leveling your team.

There are limits to how far you can go with leveling up a character, so once one character has filled their meter, that might be the sign for you to switch things up.

One more point worth mentioning: levels are only applicable to the non-temporary W101 squad. Any citizens that you save around town won’t gain levels, so be careful.


Wonder-Masks. For when you want to put down the briefcase and save the world.

So, hope you got something out of our talk.

With this leveling system, you can kind of branch out your playing style in different ways, focusing on specific Unite Morphs. Might be interesting to see how your gameplay style looks compared to that of your friends.

Now that we’re pretty much in the countdown territory of the game’s (European…) release, next time we’re going to have an awesome look at the game’s bosses. Take a peek and start thinking about how you’re going to plan your strategy for when you play the game.

Next Episode:

Shenanigans! The GEATHJERK Elite

Stay Tuned!

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W101 Blog Ep. 20: CENTINELS! Our Helpful Friends

The Wonderful 101

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The story so far:
Planet Earth is under attack by the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada. Mankind is on the brink of despair, and its fate lies in the hands of the “Wonderful One-Double-Oh,” a special combat unit comprised of heroes from all over the world. More and more of the heroes are gathering, but the enemy is also breaking through the planet’s defense lines. Go, Wonderful One-Double-Oh! Only one more day until the European release! ONLY ONE MORE DAY!

Hey, it’s Ichi!
That’s right: “The Wonderful 101” is hitting European stores tomorrow.
If you’ve been following this blog and reading all of the previews, and if you’ve even played the demo of the game, you’re sure to have become an outstanding Wonderful One cadet yourself by now.
And yet there is still something very important that I, as a member of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh, haven’t told you about.

So today, I will regale you with an introduction to all of the friends from CENTINELS that will provide our heroes with support during their arduous battle!

Laurence Nelson
(Japanese voice: Yasuhiro Mamiya, English voice: Gideon Emery)

Commander of the CENTINELS’ Blossom City field office.
Skilled at ship combat, Nelson pilots the CENTINELS’ state of the art warship, the Virgin Victory. He is a tested general who has won countless battles with his sharp instincts and precise judgment; his ability winning him not only the utmost of trust from his superiors, but also the unwavering respect of those who follow him.
20 years ago, during the Earth Defense War II, he fought on the front lines as a Wonderful One, leading the Earth Federation Army to victory. Through this experience he understands the harsh missions the current team must face, and watches over the Wonderful One-Double-Oh with a stern but kind stance.

A devoted lover of tea, the figure of Nelson with a teacup in his hand, regardless of how dire the situation may be, is a picture of reassurance and hope for the team.

Nelson2 Nelson

Laurence Nelson, the Commander of the CENTINELS’ Blossom City field office, is trusted and respected by all of CENTINELS’ employees and all members of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh. During missions, he issues orders to the members from inside the flagship the Virgin Victory. When he was young, he was a dyed-in-the-wool fighter himself, and it is even said that he was such a hot-blooded and impulsive soldier that he dove into enemy territory straight away. However, now that he is more experienced and has faced death numerous times, more often than not it is he who chides the more foolhardy members of the team. Even Wonder-Blue, the most reckless of the bunch, is easily shut up when in Nelson’s intimidating presence.

Main operator to the Virgin Victory
Alice MacGregor
(Japanese voice: Tomo Nakamura, English voice: Laura Bailey)

Main operator to the CENTINELS’ state of the art warship, Virgin Victory.
Level-headed, cool and collected, Alice gained Nelson’s complete trust with her fast decision making skills and ability to act on her feet in the most pressing of situations.

Talented in ship controls and cannon warfare, the daring maneuvers Alice takes to save the ship from crisis often leave the rest of the team speechless. Alice works in a matter-of-fact style, her expressionless manner often mistaken by other members of the team as being cold. In actuality, she is trying the best she can to show emotion… But up until this point, no one has been able to grasp this fact.

Her hobby is collecting different types of tea. Well read in different flavors, new and old, from around the globe, Nelson is always impressed by her eye for making the right cup. Secretly, she also collects stuffed animals.

133 Alice

Miss Alice is the operator of the CENTINELS’ flying warship, the Virgin Victory. Commander Nelson trusts her unconditionally, and anyone who would see how she fulfills her tasks without getting her personal feelings involved would certainly agree that she’s a top-class worker. She never says more than is absolutely required and her expression never reveals her true emotions, which has the unfortunate side-effect of making her look hard to approach to others. On the other hand, it is said that she has quite a few secret admirers among the CENTINELS…
Those who have a soft spot for dear Alice would probably benefit from knowing that she likes collecting stuffed animals. To the toy store!!

Chief of the CENTINELS Central Science Research Center
James Shirogane
(Japanese voice: Kenichi Ogata, English voice: Fred Tatasciore)

James has contributed much to strategic defense aspects of the CENTINELS organization through his research in electrical engineering and applied action potential mechatronics, including contributing to the development of a central “mother computer” known as Mother Platinum, the development of the power enhanced CENTINEL-Suits,
and designing the flying warship Virgin Victory.
From his days as a research assistant, Shirogane distinguished himself with proposed applications of his new theoretical energy source, the Shirogane Drive. His success continued, as, after two Earth Defense Wars, he finally succeeded in finishing a third generation CENTINEL-Suit made from high density bio-metal fiber.

The prime example of someone whose hobby has become his work, Shirogane spends his
days shut-in his laboratory researching new technology. He hasn’t abandoned his hobby entirely though, as Shirogane also has created several peculiar inventions that have nothing to do with his work with the CENTINELS.

Among the team, his down home southern hospitality has earned him the affectionate nickname, “Jimmy”.

Shirogane The Geezer

As the chief of the CENTINELS Central Science Research Center, Professor Shirogane is the developer of the CENTINEL-Suits that the Wonderful Ones wear and he has even had a hand in the design of the flagship the Virgin Victory. As a brilliant scientist, he is treated as a living legend by everyone within CENTINELS, with the exception of the insolent Wonder-Green, who prefers calling him “geezer.” He has been around since the start of the war 40 years ago, and he is still developing new technology to fend off the GEATHJERK. His expertise is sure to be of the utmost importance during the current battle as well.


Support Mech

An autonomous information terminal robot with learning-type AI, designed by Professor Shirogane.
Equipped with an unfinished experimental P-Fieldcraft, making P-Star capable of traveling freely through the air.
Accompanying the Wonderful One-Double-Oh throughout their missions, P-Star provides aids in all situations: relaying messages from HQ, performing checks on each members’ condition, assisting in searches, scanning battle power, analyzing terrain, devising progression paths and combat strategies, etc.
Through linking with the database of the CENTINELS’ central computer Mother Platinum, P-Star can perform a data search to provide speedy advice to the Wonderful Ones on demand. Well, at least it should, but Mother Platinum seems to reflect the thought patterns of one of its designer, Professor Shirogane, and sometimes offers less than helpful advice.

P-Star was designed to have few if any combat functions, allowing it can focus on support and excel in expandability, including extensive bubble memory for multiple Unite Morph installations. It also has a spice bomb disrupter and BB guns, but its performance in combat should not be relied on.
P-Star was made from a scrapped video game console, an ode to Professor Shirogane’s appreciation of antiques. It is also a gifted conversationalist, able to have intelligent conversations with humans. These conversations have led the team to think P-Star is adorable, and it has achieved mascot-like status.

p-star P-Star

P-Star, as the Support Mech of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh, is always taken along on missions. His main duties are to analyze the environment, to notify the team of approaching enemies, and to indicate the route they need to follow during missions, but his reports tend to be slightly vague and unspecific. It is this disputable usefulness, however, that has earned him his unwavering position as a team mascot.


Keep a look out for hints!

Don’t let this fool you into thinking he serves no purpose at all, though! His analytical skills when it comes to geography are second to none.
If you ever find yourself stuck at a dead end during a mission, pay close attention to P-Star’s movements. He might show you a holographic depiction of the Unite Morph that is required to advance in such situations.

So, does this help put your mind at ease?
You will not be alone when setting forth on your mission: you’ll be putting your life in the capable hands of an experienced Commander and a professional Operator, and you’ll be assisted along the way by a brilliant professor and a Support Mech that… uh… at the very least can be considered cute.
They will all be of importance at some point, so keep them in the back of your mind.

Be that as it may, the Wonderful One-Double-Oh can never have enough help in the battle against the mighty GEATHJERK, and as it stands they are already severely undermanned.
In other words, they need more than just numbers: they need ways of improving the strength of each individual unit as well.

So next time, I will tell you about how the Wonderful Ones can level up.

Next episode:
“Be tough! Level up!”

Stay tuned!

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